Faith, Hope, Love and The King’s Book

Faith, Hope, Love and The King’s Book. Dmitriy Mushtak By reading “Faith, Hope, Love and The King’s Book” you acknowledge a world where you meet three beautiful princesses, brave knights and other fairy heroes. Good heroes have such virtues as faith, hope, loyalty and real love. It helps them to overcome evil and change their world for the better.
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Kingdom of Kindness, Love and Peace

Kingdom of Kindness, Love and Peace. Dmitriy Mushtak A battle of good and evil... The battle lasts several thousand of years... It goes all the time and evil tries to destroy love.
Evil will not overcome until we have love, peace and kindness in our hearts.
Evil is not able to love and forgive. Yeah, it hides behind different masks, but it will never become love.
And love is stronger than evil, because it loves.
Price: 200 roubles

Flowers of Love

Flowers of Love. Dmitriy Mushtak Flowers are beautiful. They adorn our life. If we take care of nature and treat it gently, the same way nature will treat you. Flowers are part of nature. Heroes of our tale will share their secrets how to take care of flowers and they will tell a story...

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The Adventures of Prince Barnabe

The Adventures of Prince Barnabe. Dmitriy Mushtak Reading the fairy tale «The Adventures of Prince Barnabe» you will learn about the very unusual country ruled by Prince Barnabe and about the life of a simple guy Mario. How they went through different adventures which united them together and later they became friends. They were helped by the crew of the ship and together they showed courage, retained the honor and defeated the enemy.
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Dmitriy Mushtak

Dmitriy MushtakDmitriy Mushtak was born on June 11, 1978 in the Kazakh USSR, the city of Alma-Ata.
Mostly he is the author of fairy tales.
In 2006 he graduated from the Kazakh Academy of Labor and Social Relations.
Higher education.
In 2009 studied in South Korea, Seoul. M.E.O. PROGRAM 2009.
Illustrated books: 
In 2013 he published a collection of poems «I was looking for love.» ISBN 978-601-06-2612-6
In 2014, articles «Little People», «Good and Evil. Good deeds. Mercy».
In 2014 he published a fairy tale «Faith, Hope, Love and The King’s Book». ISBN 978-601-06-3196-0
In 2016 published the fairy tale «Kingdom of Kindness, Love and Peace». ISBN 978-601-06-3625-5
In 2016 published the fairy tale «Flowers of Love». ISBN 978-601-06-3624-8
In 2018 International Union of Writers (candidate)
In 2019 the edition of the fairy tale «The Adventures of Prince Barnabe». ISBN 978-601-06-5901-8


The International Union of Writers (International Union of Writers, Poets, Dramatists and Journalists) is the largest organization of professional writers in the world.

The tales of Dmitry Mushtak are diverse and at the same time close to each other. The writer does not confined to any one age. He addresses in his stories both the smallest and the older children and something in his stories will be interesting to adults as well.

The fairy tale «Flowers of Love» is a kind and funny story at the same time instructive, but without notations and a strict tone that children do not like so much. There are interesting and charming characters such as the clever hamster Khrumik, the brave and strong ant Bogatyr and the attentive wise scientist who learned a useful lesson from his own experience: «All flowers are beautiful but together they complement each other».

As it is supposed to be in this tale the happy life of a magical land is overshadowed by the machinations of cunning lazy bugs who do not like to work, but like to do bad things. However, good triumphs over evil and the positive heroes instruct the negative and help them to get better.

The fairy tale «Kingdom of Kindness, Love and Peace» is also bright and happy but already clouded by fear and sadness. The evil here is not just naive creatures who are mistaken but can learn good. The enemy of the young hero Yan is the mighty dragon Leviathan and his evil servants. And because of their cruelty «children and adolescents and those who believed in good and miracles disappeared». But courage, love and kindness were stronger than black anger. Leviathan was defeated and «the Kingdom of Good, Love and Peace has spread throughout the earth».

«Faith, Hope, Love and The King’s Book» is the most serious tale of Dmitry Mushtak. In terms of emotional stress and dynamism of action it can compete with other fantasy patterns. But the miracles of this tale are different. Witchcraft is the lot of evil witches and the treacherous vizier Fidal who wants to subdue and submit the most beautiful kingdoms of his will. Good knights and beautiful princesses do not need magical rites, they win with courage, loyalty and love. They are not helped by spells but by beautiful songs of victory and a wonderful book. And at the end, a wonderful creek with healing water runs through the kingdom of the victorious good, which gradually turns into a full-flowing river.

This is the way how you can describe the tales of Dmitry Mushtak. At first is a sonorous cheerful trickle, a fascinating simple fairy tale, and then it’s a strong river and wise story on which there is something to think about for both children and adults.